Few surfers have put their mark on big wave riding like Shane Dorian.

Dorian, of Kona, Hawaii, competed on the World Championship Tour for over a decade, spending most of his time around top-ten status with the latter part of 2000 in World Title contention. Shane has also appeared in countless iconic surf films spanning his legendary year career.

After leaving the competitive tour in 2004, Shane discovered his true passion for big wave surfing and never looked back. Dedicating his time, focusing training, and following the biggest swells around the world is paying off. He has also logged six Billabong XXL titles including both “Ride of the Year” and "Pacifico Tube Award” in 2013.

Shane has cemented his spot as one of the most talented and innovative heavy water surfers in history and recognized as SIMA’s 2012 “Waterman of the Year.” Dorian continues to live on the big island with his wife and son, while riding the world’s biggest waves, as well as continuing the annual "Keiki Classic," a grassroots Hawaiian youth event he has been running in his hometown for 20 years.