Mason Ho, pro surfer and Hawaii native, embodies fun party spirit and there's nothing more fun than a party. The holiday season brings a lot of festivities so to prepare we caught up with Mason to get the inside on his party tips and tricks.

Q. Would you rather host a party or go to a party?

I’d rather go to the party so I could blow the place up and dip out. I’m not ready to be a host yet.

Q. What was the last party you went to?

My friend’s house by Rocky Point.

Q. How many people would you have at an ideal party?

Depends on what kind of party you want. You could easily have a fun party with 2 people or thousands.

 Q. Beach party or house party?

Most house parties in Hawaii are right on the beach so you can get the best of both worlds. Those are my favorite.

Q. What’s your ideal party food?

Fish and poi

 Q. Open invite or friends only?

Open invite if you plan on blowing the place to smithereens.

 Q. How do you get the word out about your party?

Tell everybody you see to spread the word ...and ask your sponsors to blow it up.

 Q. Best party companion?

Mick Fanning’s sandals are the best so you can crack open your chicks beer without fumbling trying to do it on a lighter or something.

 Q. Do you have any party tricks?

Not sure if it’s a party trick but I always end up going surfing during the party.