Reef is stoked to announce the launch of Advocates of Capture. A unique group who give our world wonder, hope and joy and who take people to places they only dream of. From photography, to cinematography and animation, they truly do it all.  They inspire others to forge new paths and new ways to see the world. What does the world look like through their eyes, what inspires them, what makes them tick?  Throughout 2021 we will be spotlighting each of our Advocates of Capture and diving deeper into the story behind the lens. Follow along and meet our 2020 advocates below.

Julian Martin - CA @juliangoulian

Alyssa Esmond - CA @alyssa.macc

Roxy Facer - HI @roxface

Ivana Cook - CA @ivanacook

Ben Ono - HI @silkymerman

Brooklyn Dombroski - HI @brooklynhawaii

Aaron Lieber - CA @LIEBERFILMS

Todd Glaser - CA @toddglaser

Brent Bielmann- HI @brentbielmann

Rory Pringle - HI @riordanpringle

Steven Treboux - CA @steventreboux

Parker Schmidt - CA @parkerrschmidtt

Ben Thouard – French Polynesia @benthouard