Everyone loves the healing, care-free vibes of the beach, but face it: you can only physically visit the beach every so often, especially if you live and work far from it.

Johanna Angela Galang, a full-time social media influencer and co-founder of the first-ever Filipino-American blogging community, lives in San Francisco but still finds ways to bring the fun, freedom and spirit of the beach with her everyday. Her colorful content and constant positive vibes scream sunny days and beach fun.

“For me, Beach Freely means the ability to express myself creatively and comfortably in my own fun little way,” said Johanna. “Letting go whenever, wherever and embracing the island girl in me.”

Johanna believes that you can find beauty throughout the urban jungle by simply looking past the busy streets of the bustling city and focusing on the picturesque buildings and colorful street murals around every corner.

“San Francisco can still be a perfect place to chill,” she said. “I fell in love with this city the first time I laid eyes on it.”

Johanna’s key to bringing the beach vibes with her wherever she goes is remembering that life is too short to focus on negativity

“Your are the pilot of your own life’s choices and decisions so drive yourself to enjoy life, have fun, let go every once in a while, and appreciate life’s wonders and beauty.”

She also uses her personal style to help bring the beach throughout her daily life.

“You can always play around with colorful and comfortable outfits, anytime, anywhere,” explained Johanna.

She wears her Reef sandals as a part of her beach ensemble.

“I love the idea of embracing the summer beach vibes in every pair.”

Johanna explained that anyone, anywhere can bring the beach vibes with them wherever they go just like she does.

“You don’t need to be physically present at the beach to chill and have fun under the sun,” she said. “Even if you’re living is a busy city, always grab the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of life through Beaching Freely.”